At the center, our specialists perform testing, sample preparation and analysis, and propose suitable treatment methods for composite and difficult to process materials (metal granulate, plastic fractions, industrial dust, rocks, soil materials, and other solid materials) and waste fractions (solid and liquid).

The Research and Development Center focuses on processing, material balance and chemical testing of difficult to analyze samples besides other things from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

The center offers other services such as material evaluation and design of optimal processing with regard to the use of valuable raw materials, comprehensive material evaluation and evaluation of element content, recommendations of the most suitable processing methods for further use and quality monitoring of material input/output fractions from various processing processes.

These services can be used by:

  • Collective systems for the collection of electrical waste at the setting of index purchase prices,
  • WEEE processors, recycling plants,
  • laboratories for analysis of sludge and sediments, emissions, wastewater, soils and rocks,
  • soil remediation companies for the determination of heavy metals and other contaminants,
  • metallurgical works, foundries and steelworks for material input and output control,
  • manufacturers of technological equipment for their testing and development of technological processes,
  • metal scrap for final inspection of traded material and sorting of a metallic material,
  • manufacturers of lubricants and oils for elemental contents from additives and contamination.